Thursday, January 27, 2022

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Security guard receives over KSh20,000 from Kenyans after viral photo of new mud house

As the Christmas festivities progress, a man from Kibera celebrated his in a special way after receiving cash gifts from Kenyans. Henry Lusutsa Malumu has...

Ghost encounters on Kenyan roads: Fact or fiction?

"My friend gave a woman a lift at night, on reaching the destination he was alone. Ghost?"

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“Women of my ilk are better off with older men”-Devine Kemunto

In Summary She was born with congenital deformity but is bubbly and full of life. Devine Kemunto has seen it all. Born with a...


Revisiting roots of Agikuyu: Why the community reveres the Mugumo tree

For years, the mugumo tree has occupied a mythical spot among the Agikuyu who regard it holy, with some believing the spirit of their...

Murang’a man kills 4-month-old son by dropping him on concrete floor head first

A man in Kihumbuini village in Gatanga, Murang's County, has been arrested for allegedly killing his four-month-old son. Mark Njuguna, 23, allegedly killed the child...

Three motor vehicle theft suspects arrested while attempting to sell a stolen Probox

Erick Kipkurui, Philemon Kiprotich and Joseph Ondieki were arrested while attempting to sell a Toyota Probox, object of theft.

Shock as househelp is killed by employer’s dog in Malindi

Roselyn Nafuna was attacked by the dog while doing her house chores in Moriema’s area of Malindi town.

Man buried alive in Kakamega sand mine accident

Bonny Mayati was buried alive when the sand mine he and a colleague were excavating collapsed.
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Media personality Mandi Sarro, popularly known as Miss Mandi, has addressed claims by former co-workers on Twitter who say they were subject to bullying...

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