I can’t die now, Njambi Koikai responds to death rumours

Media personality Njambi Koikai has responded to claims on social media that she is dead.

The former radio and TV presenter has been battling endometriosis for almost two years now at a US hospital. The disease is a ‘disorder in which tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside the uterus‘.

On her Instagram post she wrote, “Kuna msee niliona alipost ati nimekacha(nimededi) mazee. Nataka tu kumshow mi niko poa sana siwezi nyuria hii idhaa.[There is someone I saw post that I am dead. I would like to tell that person that I cannot die at this time.]

Njambi also said she intends to start her YouTube channel to educate people on health matters.

Mbogi ingine ikikosa story za kutrend…wanaanza za ovyo. God ndio hupeana life. Mi niko going strong mbaya sana aiseeh! Thankfully now at 4.4m. Finishing strong mazee,” she said. This means: When some people miss trending ideas, they resort to posting bad stuff.

She has been in several shows such as The Trend and on radio and is also a reggae musician.

“I am recovering well. I’m breathing well without any complications. This was a major surgery as I developed complications due to previous surgeries from back home that left damage in my right lung and that was fixed here.” she said.

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