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5 things that perfectly sum up #UtapeliStarterPack

For the last few days, Social Media has been awash with the fake scams that have dragged the names of popular personalities and politicians in the mud.

This is even as Kenyans are constantly being warned to look out for fraudsters who seem to be eating life with a big spoon but are neck-deep in the world of fraud and conmanship.

Below are some of the traits that perfectly sum up the life of  “Utapeli.”

  1. Gigantic mansions

Possess a larger than life mansion in Nairobi’s high-end estates like Karen, Runda, Muthaiga, and Lavington. What better way to appear like you are not a conman than live in a gigantic mansion. Kenyans never suspect people living in seven bedroom houses, making it easier for them to fall prey to cons.

2. Pop expensive bottles

Expose your flashy lifestyle on social media. Fill people’s timeline with snaps of expensive liquor, gold and diamond jewellery, and the latest phones.

3. Flashy cars

Pose like you drive a Bentley, Lamborghini and any other car that is worth over ten million shillings.

4. Slay queens

Be in constant company of slay queens, preferably light skin and curvy and don’t shy away from constantly posting them on Instagram.

5. Selfies with politicians

Anytime you meet a politician, make sure you take a picture of/with them whether or not they are aware. Kenyans think anybody posing with a governor, the president or an ambassador is a member of the nation’s elite and is never suspected of being fraud.




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