Bobbi Wine accuses Museveni of plotting to ruin him financially

Uganda’s youthful legislator Robert Kyagulanyi popularly referred to as Bobi Wine is accusing president Yoweri Museveni of working to ruin him financially.

He said his concerts are being blocked and his business partners intimidated.

“They are seeking to strangle me financially. All the music sound service providers, stage service providers, music promoters have been ordered not to work with me… the regime is trying to attack me from multiple fronts,” he said.

It is alleged that security forces in Uganda have cancelled at least 124 planned concerts since he became a Member of Parliament.

Museveni and Wine are both set to battle it out for the top seat in Uganda come 2021.
Wine is one of Museveni’s fiercest critics and the two have been at loggerheads over the former’s growing support base since he ventured into the world of politics two years ago.

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