Here is why you pay more to fly to Kisumu than Mombasa

The cost of flying to Kisumu has increased above that of flying to Mombasa since last year despite the fact that Kisumu is nearer to Nairobi than Mombasa. So, why are the lakeside travelers paying more?

A sport check by TV47 Digital shows that if you book a flight to Kisumu in two weeks’ time, it will cost you a minimum of Sh9,000 compared to Sh8,500 for Mombasa.

Market players say the price surge has also been helped by corporate demand. More flights to Kisumu are business driven than individual, hence airlines charge businesses differently compared to individuals.

“Sometimes it is because the planes have to adjust fares to match the cost of flying with empty or vacant seats by increasing the prices,” said a Jambojet official who is not allowed to speak to the media.

The fares are up by an average of 30 per cent compared to the same period last year. It is not clear whether the stereotype that lakeside people have a tendency to spend more also helps to drive flight prices.

Prices on the Kisumu route have also increased compared to last year, the cheapest flights to Kisumu from Wilson airport was Sh3,500. However, the lowest fare for flights to Kisumu is now at about Sh4,500.

New entrants have also joined the route including Safarilink, Britex airlines, Freedom airlines, Fly Sax among others. Others have expanded their operations by adding more on the route.

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