Kenyans bash supermarkets throwing away edible food

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A section of Kenyans have taken to Facebook to call out some supermarkets for throwing away leftover edible food. In a lengthy post shared by the page Homeless of Nairobi, Kenyans are asking the companies to donate the food to the needy.

In the post, netizens are demanding for a change in the way supermarkets handle food wastage. Others alleged that some restaurants feed leftover food to pigs, leaving them wondering whether feeding a pig is more important than human beings.

One user by the name Carol Francis wrote, “I asked one of the supermarkets why they threw away food last month and they told me that the leftover bread and cakes are left for the pigs.

Some users, however, defended the food chain saying the food is thrown away for health reasons. “…food set into the warmer accumulates bacteria the more it stays and HACCP standards demand that if you buy warm food it should be eaten after some hours otherwise it is considered “not good,” wrote one user.

They are now demanding for systems that will ensure leftover food is donated to the needy. If this comes to fruition, Kenyans will join western countries like France where eateries are forbidden by law to waste food.

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