I subjected 20-years of my life to alcohol, CJ Maraga opens up

Chief Justice David Maraga during the weekend opened up about his struggle with alcohol for 20-years of his youth.

“I was baptized in October 30, 1965 when I was still in primary school but I got into bad company in high school. I started drinking on credit,’’ Maraga said.

He was speaking the youth at JKUAT’Ss during a drug awareness campaign on Saturday.

The SDA church elder said he would not have been a chief justice had he not given his life to Christ.

‘’I would go home at 3am and ask for dinner. My wife would ask me if it was really dinner or breakfast,’’ he said as the congregation broke down in laughter.

‘I went back to do my masters 34 years later after my undergraduate,’’ he said, urging the youth to fight drug abuse in the society.

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