5 things that keep deadly snakes away

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South Africa’s Labour Court judge, Anton Steenkamp, has died after being beaten by a black mamba during his holiday in Zambia.

“We are devastated. No words. What an incredible man. His wife, Catherine, is still on her own in Zambia. They were touring Africa. We as a family were very, very proud of him,” one of his relatives, Ruby Steenkamp, told South Africa’s News24 site.

On April 17, 2019, two snakes were found in Liberian President George Weah’s office causing him to evacuate his office for about five days.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosts the office of the president, so it did an internal memo asking the staff to stay home while they do the fumigation,” Liberia’s press secretary Smith Toby told the BBC.

Zambia and Liberia are among the tropical regions in which Snakes thrive in. Africa at large is also a snake prone area.

The following tips would be helpful in wading off snakes from your home as Field ecology prescribes.
1. Keep your grass short
Short grass makes it hard for snakes to hide hence exposing them to their predators. Therefore snakes will stay away.

2. Don’t water your lawn
Watering your lawn attracts insects such as worms, slugs, and frogs. This may go ahead and attract snakes.

3. Avoid piling your wood
Store excess firewood away from your home because when you pile them, they will become the perfect place for snakes to hide.

4. Avoid large rocks
Do not do landscaping in your home using large rocks because snakes can create a habitat and breeding ground.

5. Seal the cracks
Ensure there are no cracks on the walls of your houses, and sidewalks to prevent snakes from hiding in these areas.

If at all you are beaten by a snake, World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the following first aid remedies.

How to do first aid on a snake bite


  •  Move away from the area where the snake bite happened.
  • Remove anything tight worn near the beaten area such as rings, anklets, and bracelets.
  • Use a splint to support the limb where the snake bite has occurred. Keep the victim as still as possible. You can, therefore, create your own stretcher and use it to transport the victim into an ambulance.
  • Place the victim on their left side as they are likely to vomit.
  • Monitor the victim’s breathing and airway and in case they become unconscious, be ready to resuscitate.
  • You can offer the victim some painkillers to sooth the pain away.
  • Take the victim to a hospital as soon as possible.

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