A female coach on the cards for Chelsea FC

A female coach could be on the cards to replace the embattled Italian tactician, Mauricio Sarri.

Sky Sports reports that 42-year old Emma Hayes is being considered to take over the tedious role as head coach for the men’s team at Stamford Bridge.

She had previously expressed interest in making the switch to the men’s league.

“Whether it’s me or someone else, it’s going to happen one day,” she had said in January, according to GiveMeSport. “If it was the right club it would be potentially easier.”

“But to go into that level of scrutiny and do it at the level I would like to do it at, I would like to be prepared for it. If you are going to jump into the men’s game you have to learn about scouting and recruitment, although it won’t be that hard,” she said.

“A female needs to get an interview first. For a club board to think about that there needs to be some progressive thinking. For me it’s about opening the door.”

Current Chelsea Manager Mauricio Sarri
Photo: Daily Telegraph

Hayes guided Chelsea Women to third in the women’s super league title and to the semifinals of the woman’s champions league this season.

Mauricio Sarri’s future at Chelsea is in doubt after he admitted that he was not sure whether or not he will be the head coach next season.






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