9 Girl code rules all Kenyan women should live by

Rules are not meant to rehabilitate anyone, they are meant to keep people in their lanes hence avoiding unnecessary altercations in friendships and relationships.

Girl code rules should be followed by every woman irrespective of age and generation.

Here are a few girl code rules every Kenyan woman should follow:

  1. Your fellow woman is nothing short of your sister. Defend and support her. It doesn’t matter whether you know her or not. Never put down your fellow woman
  2. Don’t date your friends’ exes. It’s a sign of disloyalty to your friend.
  3. Don’t accept drinks from strangers unless you are at the bar and watch the bartender pour it. Don’t trust strangers easily
  4. The “we arrive together we leave together” rule. Mostly applies during parties or events. Never leave your friend behind. If you came in together then leave together
  5. Two friends can’t be both drunks. One has to be alert and aware of the surroundings. Take care of each other
  6. If a girl is talking to your man, she is not the problem, he is. You can’t get mad at another female for not staying in her lane if a man hasn’t defined a lane for her to stay in.
  7. Don’t hate on another woman especially if you don’t know her.
  8. Split the bill. This brings equity in a friendship. Apart from special days where one treats the other, never let your friend pay your bills all the time. This makes the friendship one-sided and one-sided friendships don’t last.
  9. Never choose a guy over your friend. Always choose your friend over the guy. You can meet guys anywhere but you can’t make a friend anywhere.
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