Do not mourn me when I die – Binyavanga

A Facebook post dated January 13, 2018 on the late Binyavanga Wainaina’s personal account indicates that he might have had a premonition.

On the post, he shared how he visited his sangoma (traditional healer or diviner from Southern Africa) as he sought to keep in touch with his ancestors.

Prior to that visit, he had a stroke which he believes was caused by his failure to recognize the ancestors. However, the ‘ancestors saved him’ because they still had some work for him.

He says that he stopped fearing death but still had one more thing to accomplish while still alive. The post did not specify what it was but he asserted that he had made peace with the fact that death is inevitable.

The post concludes with him saying that he wants to live a long life but if that fails to be the case, then he would be okay with it.  He further urged his loved ones, upon receiving news of his death to celebrate his life and not mourn him.

The day I did a ceremony I heard from my sangoma to put me in touch with my ancestors. I had to be near a river. I had…

Posted by Binyavanga Wainaina on Saturday, January 13, 2018

Binyavanga died on Tuesday night, May 21 At the Aga Khan Hospital after battling a short illness, the family said.

Even his activism on gay rights was controversial in Kenya, glowing tributes continue to pour in for the Caine Prize winner who died aged 48.

Wainaina has been eulogized by his peers as an influential author and a bold individual who made numerous contributions to society.

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