Tips to ensure co-parenting works

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Co-parenting is made easier when you put away feelings of anger and resentment for your ex (Image: Google)

Divorce comes with the issues of co-parenting, if you had a child with your ex. This co-parenting tends to be strenuous especially if you still resent your ex or he/she is inconsiderate.

However, amicable co-parenting can give your child stability and love that is hard to find after a divorce.

Here are tips to make co-parenting easier so that your kids can thrive:

Get rid of resentment: Emotions and anger will hinder you from making constructive decisions related to your child. For you to work co-operatively with your ex you have to set aside strong feelings of hate. Focus on your child’s happiness, stability and future well-being rather than how frustrating your ex can be.

Do not use your child as leverage: Do not use your child as weapon against your partner. Even in strong arguments ensure your child is used as leverage to force your ex to make certain choices and decisions. The child is a neutral partner and doing with will ensure he/she feels loved.

Have better conversations: Practice empathetic listening with your ex so as to understand each other’s point of view. Proper conversations will come in handy during arguments and you will both reach a consensus on the critical issues relating to your child. You should also meet and talk frequently before making major decisions in your child’s life.

Be a team with your ex: You should have similar rules or generally consistent guidelines that gives balance in your child’s life. You can also have the same discipline measures such as restriction of screen time and Wi-Fi access if the child misbehaves.

Make visitations easier: Your ex should always be aware of the visitation schedules so that they prepare earlier for it. The child should also be told of any change in the visiting days so that they can be mentally prepared.

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