CCTV captures Mlolongo house-help beating up three month old baby

A househelp in Mlolongo Nairobi has been exposed via CCTV beating up a three-month-old baby.

Her employer had left the house and taken her older daughter to hospital when she checked her live feed from CCTV camera in the house.

The mother of two was shocked to see her house help, Irene Nzisa, beating up her infant on the couch.

The employer had to postpone the trip to hospital and returned home after calling her husband and police.

Nzisa was arrested and spent the night at Mlolongo police cells.

Nzisa’s passport photo

The mother of two recalled how the househelp always complained about her three year old daughter being troublesome, little did she know she would take it out on the infant.

The maid’s brother however convinced Nzisa’s employer not to press charges and she was released

“I am however scared she may end up in someones’ house and hurt other children that is why I’m spreading the information,” the mother of two said.

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