Genius ways to soothe a crying baby in seconds

Soothing a crying baby is a tedious task and is considered one of the down of parenting newborns.

Babies cry for a reason and Helpguide lists some of those reasons as sleepiness/fatigue, hunger.

Overstimulation from noise or activity, pain/illness, and stranger anxiety or fear just to mention a few.

There are tips, however, that can soothe your crying new born in a matter of seconds.

  1. Rock the baby in a carrier while shooshing over and over again in their ear. Studies suggest that a calming response is triggered in an infant’s brain when being carried or rocked, causing the baby’s heart rate to slow while also relaxing the muscles.
  2. Sing to the baby. You don’t have to stick to lullabies. Sing your favorite songs on the radio too. Music has the ability to calm anyone’s nerves and babies are not exempted from the list.
  3. Put out the lights. Babies become overstimulated with all the noise and lights of everyday life. Newborns are used to the quiet and the dark of the womb. Blocking out all the stimulation can help them calm down.

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