5 things you may not know about chum chum hitmaker Vivian

Chum Chum hit maker, Vivian Wambui. | Photo: Buzz Central |

Vivian Wambui, popularly known as Vivian, has slowly warmed up into Kenyans’ hearts with her music. Some of the songs that have made Vivian famous include: Chum Chum, Chingi Changa, Charm ft Jose Chameleone, Woman in Love, Teren, Dream ft Jaguar, and Attention ft Redsan.

Here are a few things that you may not know about Vivian.

  1. Has a blended family

When Vivian and her husband Sam West met, they each had a child from a previous relationship. The couple is therefore raising two kids – Natalie Mambo and Ty West – who are nine and five.

Vivian and Sam West

2. Will be releasing a song with the Kansoul

In an interview with Parents Magazine Africa, Vivian revealed that a new song with the Genge group – the Kansoul is in the making.

3. First rap song

Vivian will put her mellow side this year and experiment more this year by dropping her first rap song.

“I will be dropping my first rap song soon. My fans should expect to see a bolder version of me. People are used to seeing a very sweet Vivian which I don’t refute, but i’m experimenting more this year. We are really trying to work on a different feel and vibe that triggers our audience,” the Chum Chum hit maker told Parents Magazine.

Chum Chum hit maker – Vivian Wambui

4. Will be launching a hair-dye line

Vivian, who wears bold colours on her hair such as gold and red, revealed that she will be setting up her own hair-dye line this year.

Other than the fact that she wants to build her brand with the dye-line, she revealed that she loves to express her ‘uniqueness and boldness’ through different hair colours.

5. Avid reader

During her interview with Parents Magazine, Vivian intimated that she loves to read. She has even gone ahead to set up her own book club. The book club acts as a safe space where readers can share their experiences and fears.

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