Fake pastor caught in the act

Fake pastors have found a new way of conning innocent Kenyans in the name of “spreading the gospel”.

The pastor was caught in the act by Kangemi boda-boda riders trying to escape with a purse and a phone belonging to a university student.

Witnesses say the ‘pastor’ approached the girl who was waiting for a Matatu and told her God had told him to pray for her.

The innocent girl agreed to be prayed for and after that told to walk for 2 meters saying Amen. Innocently she left her belongings with the pastor and started her 2 meter walk of faith.

Suddenly, the pastor started walking away with the belongings and boda-boda riders noticed the girl walking away and the pastor hurrying away with her belongings.

They ambushed him and kept him hostage till Kabete police arrived.

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