Bhang keeps you sane, and other marijuana stereotypes in universities

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Marijuana is the most common drug in universities. Even though you find non-smokers of the drug just know they have probably tried it once or twice.

Drug education in most universities is very ignored. Most assume that every student knows what bhang can do to your health and your life in general.

Here are some lies told to students being lured into smoking the drug.

  1. Bhangi is not addictive. Just like any other drug, the frequent use of marijuana leads to a tolerance meaning you need more and more of the drug to achieve the same high.
  2. Smoking weed is ‘cool’. Many of those who use bhang tend to refer to themselves as gangsters. Taking drugs will never be cool. Wait until you are out of campus and your appearance has been changed by the drug. There is no way you can convince people you don’t smoke bhang if they see black lips and some weird behaviours on you. this will make it hard for you to get a job too.
  3. You can’t overdose on ‘WEED’. An overdose simply means you take more than the normal recommended amount. Weed overdose symptoms include anxiety, paranoia, dizziness, loss of coordination and blurred vision.
  4. It doesn’t affect your health. Bhang critically affects your wellbeing by developing brain abnormalities like short term memory, impaired thinking and judgement and hallucinations.
  5. You are more creative while high hence working or studying under the influence. A study from the Netherlands shows bhang hinders creativity and states that the improved creativity that they believe they experience is an illusion.
  6. Bhang keeps you sane. No. It brings mental problems like depression, suicidal thoughts and poor social interactions.

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