Cash-flush Kisii attracts currency center

Booming real estate, agriculture and a high population are some of the activities driving up demand for cash in Kisii that has made central bank to install a currency hub in the town.

Multiple universities, church headquarters, upto 25 financial institutions and construction material supplies are some of the key activities.

The town becomes the fourth currency centre in the country after Nyeri, Nakuru and Meru, Nyeri.

Kisii is also the headquarters for many churches such as the Seventh Day Adventist.

Farming is also big in Kisumu with bananas being their main cash crops. Other crops that are grown in the area include maize, beans, potatoes, tea, sugarcane, and coffee. This makes it big on food supply.

Kisii is also the home to many big hospitals. There are about 14 hospitals, 32 community health units, 84 dispensaries, and 28 health centres.

It is also where many construction materials originate in the region. This includes quarries which are a common feature in the area.

Over seven thousand people in rely on making of carvings from soapstone which is mined in Tabaka in Kisii. The residents earn an income from selling it both locally and abroad.

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