World tiniest baby, born 0.24kg discharged from hospital

Baby Sabie. Image: CNN

The world’s smallest baby born at 0.24Kg has been discharged from the hospital five months after she was born.

Baby Sabie was born in December at 23weeks and 3days. She was declared the world’s smallest baby by the Tiniest Baby Registry at University of Iowa.

The baby was released weighing 2.5Kg.

Doctors told CNN that Baby Sabie was born preterm as she was not gaining weight and her mother’s life was at great risk.

According to Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri), preterm births is one of the major causes of Neonatal mortality in Kenya.

The 2015 figures released by the Ministry of Health indicate that in Kenya, about 14 thousand pre-term babies lose their lives due to various health complications.

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