Price hikes, insecurity spark protest against TaxifyBolt

Kenyans have taken to social media to complain about taxifybolt’s poor services.

Under the hashtag #ResistTaxifyBolt, previous customers of the online hailing taxi company have complained about being overcharged, insecurity, and low returns to the drivers.

“I used taxify/bolt the other day from Standard group Mombasa Road to Utawala and the app showed I’ll pay Sh510 only to get there and the price comes to Sh 1,150. When I asked the driver he says ‘Mimi sijiu hiyo mambo’. First and last time using it!” @nginafay complained.

Cases of TaxifyBolt overcharging their customers seems to be an issue recurring among many of its customers.

Security concerns have also hit taxifybolt. Customers who have used taxifybolt at night have complained about losing their belongings.

“Many cases have been brought up about rape and drugging by taxify drivers since @Boltapp_ke don’t have good security measures to protect its clients @NPSOfficial_KE@DCI_Kenya@FredMatiangi should investigate,” @oleoledk tweeted.

Those who have invested in the taxifybolt cars are also a dissatisfied lot as the returns are not worth it.

Kenyans have therefore appealed to the government to intervene and protect users.

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