Interesting features of the new iOS 13

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On Monday, Apple announced that come September 2019, users of iphone 6s and above, and ipad Air 2 and above will get an upgrade of its new iOS 13.

Therefore, devices older than four years such as iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and mini 3 will remain with iOS 12.

Here are some interesting features that the iOS 13 will come with.

1. Dark mode

iphone and ipads with the new iOS will be able to switch their phone to dark mode. Meaning, all in-built apps such as messages, photos and mail will be able to operate on dark mode.

The dark mode will not only appear elegant but it will lengthen your battery life as less energy will be consumed.

How the dark mode will look like on iOS 13.
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2. Enhanced Photo app

If you accidentally shoot a video on portrait, the iOS 13 will enable you to rotate it to landscape.

The new iOS upgrade will also help you organize your photos by selecting the ones it thinks are the best after which it will place them in one folder. This will be aided by the on-device machine learning.

iOS 13 photo app

3. Pimped Apple maps

Forget the street maps provided by google maps. Apple maps on iOS 13 will offer high-resolution 3D view of cities. This will enable users to get more accurate directions as they will include more data, broader road coverage, and pedestrian data. However, this feature will only be available to users in the US but the rest of the world will get access to it by next year.

How apple maps will look like on iOS 13.
Source: Apple

4. Privacy will be beefed up

The new iOS 13 will protect its users from data miners and cyber criminals through Apple ID authentication. This feature will generate a temporary email address for the user to sign in to different apps and websites. This will protect a user’s data and hence only your apple device will have access to it.

Apple has assured that the ID authentication data will not be used to profile users and their activities.

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5. New memoji stickers

iOS will also come with new fun memoji stickers which will have makeup, teeth with braces, assorted glasses, piercings, airpods, different hairstyles, just to name a few.

Memojis are customized digital masks placed over your face to look like you. Once created, you can share them with your friends through messages, mail, and other third party apps.

iOS 13 memoji stickers

6. New app storage format

The new iOs will have a new way to package their apps which will reduce their sizes by 50 per cent. App updates will also become smaller by 60 per cent. These new format will enable apps to launch faster.

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