Since Mo Salah arrived at Liverpool, fewer people hate Muslims – Study

Stanford University’s Immigration Policy lab (IPL) has released a study that shows that since Mohammed Salah arrived in Liverpool, less people dislike Islam.

Specifically, hate crimes in Merseyside have reduced by 18.9 per cent. Hate-based tweets have dropped from 7.2 to 3.4 per cent.

To arrive at these results, 8,060 Liverpool fans took a survey, 15 million tweets were observed and hate crimes monitored at Merseyside.

The IPL researchers observed that the Egyptian football player played a significant role in changing English people’s mindsets towards Islam.

Mo Salah raising Liverpool’s trophy after they won the UEFA Champions League.

The researchers also noted that discriminatory proclamations about ethnic and religious groups also reduced.

“The public image of Salah as a hero of sorts, and the resulting normalisation of some Muslim identities practices, may have dampened the appetite for harassment and violence toward the city’s Muslims,” the study read in part.

Mo Salah has become a favourite among many soccer fans. The 26-year-old on Saturday scored a last-minute penalty which led to Liverpool’s win at the UEFA Champions League. He has also won the golden boot award twice.

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