Why Tanzanian women are applying tobacco in their privates

Some women in Tanzania have resorted to applying tobacco in their private parts in order to reduce sexual urge.

The women, from Tabora, also view the act as a family planning method.

Asha Said, who uses it says, “When I put the tobacco (in my privates) I feel like I have been with a man. Even if a man makes a move at me, I feel like he’s just a nuisance.”

 The women mix ground tobacco (ugoro) with soda ash (magadi) before mixing it with cooking oil.

tobacco and ash added to oil photo:BBC

 “When placed in the privates, the urge to have sex ceases,” Asha Said told the BBC in an interview.

This concoction is said to be common in Tabora especially among the widows, single mothers, and women who are spacing births naturally.

However, the tobacco concoction is said to pose a great health risk including sexually transmitted infections, infertilities and even cancer.

It has neither been proved that tobacco can be used as a family planning method.

According to medical experts nicotine in cigarretes affects hormonal balance, including testosterone, and can decrease sexual desire and cause impotence in men.

Dr Ivan Hernandez says that men who are smokers have a higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction, which limits sexual pleasure.

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