Annoying office habits you should stop, not everyone likes your hugs

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We spent most of our week hours in the office trying to make money to pay the never ending bills.

Work hours may be fun but there are some little annoying habits we all wish our co-workers could stop engaging in. Here are some of the nuisances:

Telephone Behaviors: Speaking too loudly on the phone is disrespectful as it distracts people. This also includes using a speaker while on the phone. Another annoying telephone habit is ignoring your phone without putting it on silent mode. Everyone has to put up with the not so interesting ringtone and vibration.

Intruding personal spaces: Do you like giving personal hugs and intruding on people’s work spaces every now then? Maybe its time to kick this bad habit out. Not everyone likes your hugs, tickling and touching. Others just find it annoying or worse disrespectful.

Excessive office gossip: This involves those one’s who always have a story to tell even during peak office hours when everyone is trying to get some work done. You shamelessly share information even about your personal life that no one cares about. This is not only offensive but your co-workers won’t trust you as you are the source of all hot gossips.

Source of strong smell/scent: When you walk in everyone knows its you because you have a strong perfume, your shoes always smell or your body odor is just too strong. Its time to take a shower every morning and also choose a mild perfume. The smell/scent can get sickening to your co-workers.

Always complaining: You are the whiner of the office, always complaining about the simplest thing such as the direction of your office chair. I mean you can easily change that and no one likes a complainer. You are killing the vibe of positive-minded people in the office. You talk about hating work, about commuting, about how busy you are. Its time to stop such whining habits.

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