Paul Muite asks Speaker Muturi to intervene in Mwende Mwinzi’s appointment

Human rights lawyer and Safina party leader Paul Muite has called on the speaker of the National Assembly, Justice Muturi, to intervene in Mwende Mwinzi’s appointment.

Muite has asked Muturi to guide the National Assembly in removing the constitution requirement that Mwinzi should renounce her US citizenship before being appointed by the Kenyan government.

However, when the Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA) wrote an open letter to the speaker of the house, he said that he has no vote and his work is only to preside.

“It does not make sense to write to me because where the matter stands, it’s for the House to make a decision,” the speaker responded to KDA.

Ms Mwinzi successfully passed the vetting by the National Assembly for the position of Kenya’s High Commissioner to Seoul, South Korea. However, she is faced with a dilemma between picking the job and renouncing her US citizenship.

“I was born in the US but I belong to Kenya. You can choose where to belong but you cannot choose where to be born,” Ms Mwinzi told the National Assembly Defence and Foreign Relations Committee.

According to section 31(2) of the constitution, “a person who holds dual citizenship shall, upon election or appointment to a State office, not take office before officially renouncing the other citizenship in accordance with the provisions of Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act, 2011″.

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