MPs hit back at Salaries team with budget cuts

The superiority wars between MP’s and Salary and Remuneration Commission (SRC) continued after legislators moved to cut the budget of the commission.

Parliament’s Budget and Appropriations Committee  (BAC) has slashed Sh104 million from the SRC’s budget for travel, entertainment, hiring professionals and new office.

The SRC has been at loggerheads with the 416 MP’s after successfully filing an order that barred MP’s from receiving Sh250,000 monthly allowance.

In a bid to show superiority, the budget committee has concurred with the Finance Committee on budget cuts for SRC in its report on the proposed Budget estimates for the next financial year.

The BAC committee chaired by Kimani Ichung’wa cut the SRC budget from Sh649.9 up to Sh545.3 million for the financial year starting July.

Some of the items that faced budget cuts are travel costs, which will be down by Sh22 million, entertainment (Sh16.2 million) as well as training expenses that has been slashed by Sh9.8

The SRC obtained interim orders stopping the Parliamentary Service Commission from further paying MPs the perks until the case is heard on June 12.

In the suit, SRC chairperson Lyn Mengich accused lawmakers of disregarding constitutional provisions that give it the sole mandate of setting salaries and allowances for State and public officers.

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