Best Lady Cosmetics accused of harassing customers

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A young lady has claimed that a Best Lady cosmetics shop accused her of stealing and made her to pay almost 6 times her original price.

Joy Ajib explains how the Best Lady River Road branch embarrassed her to the point of thinking suicide.

Joy narrates that she had bought two lipstics and gave a Sh1000 note to the cashier. The lipsticks cost Sh130, the second once was worth Sh150. According to Joy, as the cashier was scanning the lipsticks, she was looking at other products at the cash point and did not bother to check the balance she was given.

“After stepping out of the shop, one person from behind grabbed my handbag tightly. Turning around I saw that the man had a Bestlady tag, so I stopped to listen. He then claimed that I hid one lipstick in my bag to avoid being paying for it,” Joy says

Confused, Joy looked at the receipt and confirmed that the cashier had given her Sh850 change meaning that one lipstick was not accounted for.

She helplessly tried to explain that it was not her fault as she placed both items on the counter.

“I started seeing butterflies, they could not listen to what I was telling them, wakanipeleka huko ndani wakaanza kuniita mwizi eti nimeiba.”

Angered by the way the staff was handling her, Joy demanded that the manager open the CCTV and confirm with the footage. The staff however refused to check the CCTV and told her that she would pay 10 times.

A few minutes later, police arrived and Joy was made to pay the money. With only Sh850 in her handbag, she did not even have fare to go home.

The branch manager at the River Road branch refused to respond to our queries saying we should not call her again.

She pleaded with the staff for her bus-fare but they could not empathize. Luckily, the policemen had mercy on her and gave her Sh70.

Here is her story from facebook.

Joy narrates the shame she went through

This will not be the first time the popular beauty shop is accused of harassing customers. Here are other cases of such victims.

2 victims narrate their experience

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