Government goes after illegal gas trade in new laws

Oil marketers will now not be able to exchange gas cylinders from rival brands during refills.

This is after the government approved new laws that will make it difficult for Kenyans to exchange their cylinders for different brands at local markets.

The Energy ministry approved the laws on Tuesday which had been presented by the regulation body Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

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According to LPG, the new laws will reduce instances of illegal refilling, illegal rebranding and supply of fake gas cylinders.

Mr Pavel Oimeke, the director-general of the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority, said brands will have to ensure safety on the gas cylinders.

“The brands will have to include guides and safety instructions on every cylinder they supply,” said Pavel.

Pavel also said the regulating gas cylinders will ensure consumers are protected from the health effects of using firewood.

The director said the use of firewood causes respiratory diseases which is a major killer in Kenya.

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