How to identify fake new currency notes

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The new currency notes have been in circulation since June 7, 2019 and those who have gotten a hold of them are treating them like a treasure due to their scarcity.

Even as excitement over the new currency notes continues to rise among Kenyans, how can you tell whether the notes is fake or not?

Since Kenyans are overly excited over the new notes, because they are still scarce, fraudsters may take advantage and start circulating fake money. Here are tips to help you identify the genuine notes:

  1. Image of the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC)

At the front of every new currency note is an image of the KICC which includes the statue of the first Kenyan President, Jomo Kenyatta.

  • Image of a dove

At the back of every note is an image of a white dove at the bottom right.

  • Watermark

Just like the old generation bank notes, the new notes also contain a watermark.

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When held against the light, one can see a perfect portrait of a lion’s head. The text CBK and the value of the note can also be seen.

  • Security thread

On the front left side of every new note is a continuous security thread.

The security thread changes colour from red to green on all notes. Sh200, Sh500, and Sh1000 notes have more rainbow colours on the security thread.

  • Golden band

At the back of every note is a golden band which indicates the value of the note.

  • Serial number
CBK Guidelines on how to identify a fake currency note. Image: CBK Twitter Page

Just like the old generation notes, there is a vertical and horizontal serial number on the front of every note.

  • Texture

You can tell if a note is legitimate by feeling the word Kenya, the denomination, and the different number of lines on the edge of every note with your hands.

  • Number of lines

You can also count the number of lines on every note. The Sh50 note has one bar, Sh100 has two bars, Sh200 has three bars, Sh500 has four bars, and Sh1,000 has five bars.

  • Different themes

Every currency note has a different theme at the back. The theme on the Sh50 note is green energy, the Sh100 note is agriculture, the Sh200 is social services, Sh500 note’s theme is tourism whereas Sh1,000 note’s theme is governance.

The denomination on the front right bottom of every note contains an image of a different animal in the big five. Sh50 has an image of a buffalo, Sh100 a leopard, Sh200 is a rhino and Sh500 has a lion, and Sh1000 an elephant.

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