What WHO says on mental health crisis such as Brian Bera’s

The mental health conversation has been sparked again in Kenya following the incident of Brian Bera who tried to sneak into State House and attack President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The cops handling the case say they are worried about his state of mind with other netizens terming his behavior as a call for help in terms of mental health.

This incident calls for more analyzing of how to deal with mental problems.

The World Health Organization has released a mental health and psychosocial support guidelines which can be used in mental health emergencies.

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  1. Self-help community groups: WHO encourages people to form community help groups in which members share and solve problems collaboratively. The groups should have people with mental health problems, marginalized and vulnerable.
  2. Psychological first aid: WHO suggests the government should establish emergency lines and people who can provide instant response to acute emergency distress.
  3. Access to basic clinical health care: It also encourages the government should provide efficient health care by trained staff on epilepsy, psychotic disorder, alcohol and substance abuse and depression.
  4. Protection and promotion of rights: WHO suggests the government to visit, monitor and support people in psychiatric facilities and residential areas.
  5. Establishment of referral mechanisms: It encourages the government to partner with mental health specialists and general health-care providers to better the mental health care field.

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