3,000 teachers to get TSC jobs this year

The 100 per cent transition government programme that promotes students access to secondary education has led a demand for additional streams which has spurred demand for more teachers.

Currently, there is a shortage of more than 85,000 teachers, mostly at the secondary level.

Speaking at the Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association annual conference in Mombasa, Dr Macharia said that some schools have a shortage of more than 10 teachers.

“There are cases where, due to high demand for vacancies, a few schools have a shortfall of as many as 15 teachers, and this has led to a cumulative shortage,” said Dr Macharia.

Government has set aside more than Sh1 billion for the employment of additional 5,000 teachers to curb the shortage.

“To further mitigate the shortage, the government has set aside funds for employment of an additional teachers and another Sh1.2 billion for an extra 3,000 teachers this year,” added the TSC boss.

Dr Macharia said that last year some 8,700 teachers were employed to support staffing requirements for the 100 per cent transition while 5,000 others were recruited in February.

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