I was fired because my baby died

Amaica restaurant in Gigiri has attracted backlash from netizens after a former employee narrated alleged cruel treatment he went through in the hands of its CEO and founder Pamela Muyeshi.

Maxwell Mwangi, has revealed to a popular

Amaica restaurant CEO Pamela Muyeshi.

The unit manager, Jesse became sympathetic and adviced him to write a note stating the reason for departure and leave.

Maxwell then left. He went to the hospital and signed over the foetus to the hospital after signing some documents. This was on a Friday.

He asked his manager for extension to Saturday so that he could get his affairs in order which was granted.

Come Monday upon reporting to work, the CEO begun demanding the baby’s original death certificate and burial permit.

However since the hospital was the one handling the burial since the child was a stillborn, he requested for a day to go fetch the original documents from the hospital since he only had copies.

The CEO flatly refused. She begun telling his coworkers that she was not in the business of hiring people to have their babies die when they are supposed to work.

She proceeded to fire him. When he tried to get justice from the commercial operations unit at the UN they turned him down as they did not work with contractors.

When the CEO heard of his efforts she begun calling him and threatening him and threatening his colleagues who she said were influencing him.

When the story broke Amaica restaurant released a smug press briefing claiming they had given him 3 days of leave. How can someone lose their child and be expected to get over it in 3 days?

Also the off days they claim to have given him were on a weekend and he would have been off anyway. The press release is attached below.

Amaica restaurant is obviously ran by a heartless lady whose clearly only driven by the paper chase at the expense of basic human decency. I dont know what they are cooking over there, but i know it ain’t soulfood.

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