Eating while standing is dangerous – study

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According to Live Strong magazine, experts have revealed that eating while standing up is a habit that can be dangerous for your digestive system and your body in general.

Here are some negative effects of eating while standing and why you are advised to sit down before enjoying a meal.

A report by wellness magazine Times of India states that eating while standing empties the stomach way faster and the food moves to the intestine before it is broken into superfine particles. This means the pressure on the intestine will increase resulting in digestion issues.

A woman yawning out of hunger.
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Makes you feel hungry a few hours after eating. According to experts, eating while standing results in digestion of food at 30 percent faster rate, making you feel hungry only a few hours after eating.

Causes bloating. Faster digestion can be dangerous because it gives less time for nutrients to be absorbed that further results in gas and bloating. It has been proved that when carbs are not digested properly, they are likely to ferment in the gut, causing gas and bloating.

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Leads to overeating. Studies show that when you stand and eat, the food never fills the stomach and as a result, you never get to know whether you are full or not. This causes overeating.

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