Passaris thanks pilot after KQ plane developed issues

Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris is grateful for her life after a technical failure on Thursday evening developed on the plane  she was boarding 6 minutes after take off.

The Kenya Airways plane had just taken off from Mombasa’s Moi International Airport en-route to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport when the technical hitch developed.

The pilot, however, made a quick response and they landed back. The flight was then rescheduled to 2150 hrs.

Passaris confesses that she was watching a DesignatedNFLLX movie and had not panicked.

6 minutes after takeoff in flight history is beginning to be associated with negativity.

In March 2019, Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737  claimed the lives 149 passengers including 32 Kenyans who were on board.

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