Arsenal sends staff for pest control training after mice infestation

Arsenal has sent its staff working at the Emirates for pest control training after the stadium was infested by mice.

According to the Daily Mail,  the Emirates stadium and the Aston Villa one were the only Premier League clubs not given a five star rating, managing only four stars.

The club’s management brought in experts to deal with the issues of hygiene that have recently plagued the club.

The latest hygiene report carried out early 2019 brought out a number of issues that are still to be dealt with. One of these issues is mice infestation.

Inspectors discovered what they termed extensive evidence of mouse activity across the stadium.

They found mouse droppings in a host of areas and discovered staff were unaware of the problem.

The club was also criticized for lacking basic cleaning around the stadium.

The Sun reports an Arsenal spokesperson said: “We have always taken hygiene matters extremely seriously and have increased our actions to ensure Emirates Stadium exceeds the recommendations made.

Increased visits from pest control experts, independent audits, additional staff training and substantial investment in proofing have all been implemented.

The club issued a statement saying it continues to look at ways to improve in the hygiene area.

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