Trial for new HIV vaccine to start in Kenya

Kenya is preparing to start a trial for a vaccine which can stop the HIV infecting cells.

Scientists on the forefront in the trial said on Friday they will start recruiting people to participate in the tests in three weeks time.

The clinical trial has been code named IAVI W0001 trial 664gp140.

The vaccine will be tested on a molecule cloned to mimic the HIV one.

Kenyan volunteers will be injected with the clone molecule and vaccine to test for its safety.

According to the scientists, the vaccine will use a blocked approach that stops HIV from attaching itself to cells. HIV virus normally attaches itself to the CD4 cells in humans.

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According to Professor Omu Anzala, the director of Kenya AIDS Vaccine Initiative (KAVI), the site for the clinical trial, this phase one of the human trial will be done for one and half years.

Nation media reported that the candidates to be used in the trial will be HIV negative.

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“For the first three months, the candidates will get three slots every month after which we will start diligent follow-ups to see if the vaccine worked, ” said Anzala.

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