The preacher’s kid: beyond stereotypes

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A preacher’s kid is a term used to refer to a child of a preacher, pastor or deacon. It refers to both the kid glued to the church and its doctrines and also to the kid that has rejected religion and lives a different life from what the church terms as ‘right’.

It is stereotypical to say preachers kids have to be rebellious and naughty. It’s not always the case. Some preacher’s kids get very glued to the church and forget their lives outside the church in a way that they avoid looking for jobs just to work in the church, they don’t experience life in depth due to the doctrines guarding them. In short, they are first in church life but lag behind in normal life.

What you don’t know about preacher’s kids.

  1. They are normal kids just like other non-preacher kids. They have the free will to be whatever they want to in this life. Whether to follow their parents’ footsteps or be a secular artist or even a dancer. They are not restricted by doctrines. Don’t forget it’s their parent that is called to be a preacher and not them.
  2. A preacher’s reputation is not determined by his/her kids. These kids do go through peer pressure, adolescence, puberty and they react the same way other kids will react. If you wait for your child to determine your preacher’s reputation then beware it can be tarnished anytime.
  3. A preacher’s kid is allowed to say NO. These kids are expected to say yes to everything. Volunteer YES, go to church every day YES, provide money asked from you by a church member YES. They are normal human beings that can get irritated, get tired and may not be interested in some things due to personality differences.
  4. A preacher’s kid has to take after his/her parents. This is not always the case. God ordains people different. He does not have to be a preacher or even be connected to the church in any way. They can emerge as the best athlete in the country or even a spoken word artist who uses his craft so well to create awareness on certain issues.
  5. Preacher’s kids are the most ignored when it comes to matters concerning drugs, sex, alcohol, and religion itself. Many people assume that they know everything about life and they actually choose to do the wrong thing. Most preacher parent’s fill their children with Godly information forgetting they need worldly information to escape certain tragedies. That’s why you find many preacher’s daughters prefer to abort than keep a pregnancy. Preacher’s kids prefer dying from addiction than opening up to judgment and condemnation from the public and their own parents.
  6. Anything can happen to a pastor’s kid. They can fall pregnant out of wedlock, they can be addicted to drugs, they can be strippers, they can be in trouble with the law. They are not special and neither are they exceptional.

One thing for sure is that preacher parents don’t have the ability to make their children love christ, neither do they have the ability to make their kids enjoy or participate in ministry. All they can do is lay a foundation for them and it will be their decision to be part of ministry.

It also does not mean that they can not be successful out of ministry. They can. God is the one who draws, sanctifies, calls and converts.

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