Showering daily is not compulsory – study

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Scientists say showering more often and daily does not make you healthier and is not compulsory.

A report by Very Well Health magazine states that showering often may not remove bacteria, most of which is not harmful.

For those who hate showering, especially in this cold weather, this simply means you can shower every second or third day and still be clean.

Health Magazine indicates that you can even shower once or twice a week and your body will still be healthy.

Long and frequent showers wipe natural oils from your body, leaving you with a dry and flaky skin.

Others even argue that showering daily especially for a big family leads to wastage of water.

However, there are some factors that come into play for people who need to shower daily. People with oily skin, active individuals in terms of exercise and people who live in hot areas may need to shower at least once a day.

This is because prolonged exposure to sweat can lead to bacterial and fungal infections.

Scientists, however, say you should wash your hands several times a day because they are prone to picking harmful bacteria.

The face should also be regularly washed and on days you skip a shower, wipe yourself with a wet washcloth.

Also, don’t go for weeks and months without showering as you can attract strange skin conditions, acne, blackheads and develop body odor.

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