Food combinations that can be harmful to your health

Nutritionists warn of food combinations that could be harmful to your body.

According to Style Craze, there are some certain group of foods that when combined inhibit digestion and lead to stomach ache, nausea, fatigue, and difficulty in eliminating waste.

Here’s a list of foods that should not be mixed.

Meat and potatoes. These two foods counteract in the stomach. Protein starts to decompose while carbohydreas ferment which leads to bloating and gas.

A plate of meat and potatoes.
Photo: Momswhothink

Bananas and milk: When you eat these two together, your body acquires some heaviness and your mind slows down. This is because they are considered heavy and are likely to form toxins in the body.

Eggs and bacon. Due to the high protein in eggs and fat in bacon, the body gets an instant energy boost as you eat but the energy will drop as fast as it rose, leaving you feeling weak and tired.

Breakfast plate of eggs, bacon and bread.
Photo: Good To Know

Fruits after a meal. Fruits don’t combine well when eating after a full meal. Because fruits don’t require the same digestion as other foods, the meal you ate will stay in the stomach longer.

Pizza and soda. This combination creates some sort of conflict in the tummy. Carbs, proteins, and starch in the pizza take up a lot of the body’s energy during digestion. The sugar in the soda slows down digestion and other stomach processes.

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