Baby switching: how parents can avoid being victims

It’s hard to imagine coming home from the hospital with a baby who is not your own.

However, baby switching has become a reality, taking into consideration the Kakamega twins who were switched at birth in 1999.

Parents need to be more vigilant to avoid the emotions that come with finding out your baby was switched years later. Here are measures that parents can implement:

Prioritize your hospital: It is important to understand the hospital you want to give birth in. Listen to referrals from other mothers who will tell you the safety of the hospital and the behavior of the staff. This will minimize the chances of giving birth in an hospital where babies are neglected.

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Vigilance: Do not let the baby out of your sight unless it is absolutely necessary. When you leave the baby ensure you have placed him/her in the care of someone you trust. This will need you to have a trusted nurse at your hospital or a close family member should accompany you to the hospital.

Identification tags: As much as tags are not provided in public hospitals you can carry your own name tag and attach it to the baby. As much as a name tag can be removed, doing this is way better than doing nothing at all. You can also dress the baby is a specific cloth brand that is hard to find.

Kakamega Twins Melon and Sharon who were switched at birth. Image: Citizen Twitter

Get your baby’s statistics: Request the nurses to do weight check on your baby so that is you have any suspicions you can easily redo the measurements. You can also identify unique features of your baby such as gender, hair texture, skin color, and any other distinguishing features.

Trust your motherly instinct: As a mother your instinct is your biggest weapon against baby switching. If you feel a wrong vibe for the nurse on duty on the hospital be on alert or check out as soon as you can. If you also feel the baby is not responding to you as he/she should be doing, report the issue and conduct DNA test as soon as you can.

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