Miguna Miguna hits out at Uhuru Kenyatta over Robert Alai detention

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has defended blogger Robert Alai following his arrest for posting images of slain Kenyan securities forces during an explosion in Wajir.

The controversial lawyer who has been accused of seeking relevancy with his outrageous comments said Alai has not committed any crime known to law.

“He is not a terrorist. There is absolutely no credible evidence that he colluded with the al-Shabaab in publishing pictures of Kenyans killed in combat. What Alai does may offend some people. But it is not a criminal offense,” he said on his Twitter handle on Thursday.

He said the government may be unhappy because he(Alai) returned the state medal Uhuru Kenyatta had given him without merit. “It is barbaric and inhumane for Uhuru Kenyatta to victimize Alai for exercising his Constitutional rights,” he wrote.

Miguna said Uhuru Kenyatta is not above the law and has no power to criminalize dissent.

“I don’t get along despite both of us hailing from Nyando Constituency and sharing an alma mater – Onjiko Secondary School. However, I will defend to death his UNFETTERED rights to free thought, conscience and expression,” he tweeted.

However, the 2012 Prevention and Terrorism Act states that “a person who publishes, distributes or otherwise avails information intending to directly or indirectly incite another person or a group of persons to carry out a terrorist act commits an offence and is liable, on conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding thirty years.”

Robert Alai may the first Kenyan to be charged under this act which targets content creators such as journalists, bloggers, and media houses.

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