Woman organizes husband’s wedding, feeds her new co-wife

Before the spread of Christianity in Africa, tradition, and culture permitted men to marry more than one wife.

Although the church forbids polygamy, there is a section of men who still follow the traditional route and marry more wives with Islam allowing men to marry not more than four wives.

This is perhaps what inspired a Nigerian woman to happily attend her husband’s wedding and go to the extent of feeding her new co-wife.

The first wife seats with her husband during the wedding
Photo: My Wedding Uganda

It is alleged that the woman was actually the chief organizer of her husband’s huge wedding to her would be co-wife.

A section of people showed support to the woman and complimented her for embracing her culture without shame.

The co-wives pose for a picture during the wedding ceremony
Photo: My Wedding Uganda

One user twitted,” May Allah bless this woman, I hope to be this obedient to Allah one day.”

Another added, “this is such a beautiful thing.”

Other criticized the move, stating that she might have poisoned the food she was feeding her co-wife.

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