Activities that will encourage creativity in your child

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The world has evolved making it hard for the youth to get jobs just based on their degree certificates.

This calls for innovations to ensure the kids can create their own job in future, therefore dealing with unemployment.

Here are steps parents can take to encourage creativity in their children:

Family book clubs: Reading opens the mind of a child to think globally about issues and innovate solutions to world problems. Opening a book club with your family will improve your child’s creativity. The book can involve to do activities such as cooking and creating projects. These books and activities will open a field of action for your child which will improve their creativity.

Create a family blog: Blogs are currently a popular thing where parents and even children are making money from. The blogs can include blogging or vlogging on their area of interest such as fashion, politics, food, or business. Work on blogging together to ensure your child becomes the best there is in that platform.

Create home political platforms: Politics is a career choice that most parents wouldn’t want their child to pursue. However, your child may have the heart to bring change in the community by holding a political position. Do not discourage this rather help them develop a tough and sharp mind that is needed in politics. You can also hold public speaking forums in the house to improve their confidence and speech fluency.

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Create acting/hosting shows: If your child is interested in TV or the film industry you can start mentoring them early. Let him write dialogues for a children episode where you create a title for the show. If you are lucky to have a big family, you can assign roles such as camera operators, directors, producer and actors. This will sharpen your child’s skills in filmmaking and acting.

Learn more languages: If your child is good in languages then maybe they will be interested in learning other languages. Enroll your child in the French classes or German classes to broaden their creative areas. Your child may end up being a French teacher, a journalist in a foreign country or even a translator.

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