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Woman falls asleep on flight, wakes up to a dark empty plane

A woman is angry at an airline after she the crew left her sleeping for hours only to wake up in a dark plane.

The woman, known as Tiffany Adams, was travelling on Air Canada and suffered a panic attack when she found out she was on a dark place alone.

Tiffany was travelling to Toronto from Quebec in Canada.

According to The Mirror, Tiffany could not call for help as her phone battery had died. She was also unable to charge her phone as the plane had shut down and no power was running.

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Tiffany explains how she fell asleep and woke up at around midnight still strapped in her seat.

“It was pitch dark and I was freezing cold…the whole ordeal was terrifying as I have anxiety disorders,” said Tiffany.

Eventually, Tiffany stood at the plane door waving a flashlight hoping that someone would see it. She could not get off the plane as the door was 50ft from the ground.

A man ferrying a luggage finally saw her dangling her feet from the plane door and was so surprised that the crew left her on the plane.

“I am still surprised at how the crew could miss a person still strapped on her seat and close the plane,” said Tiffany.

Tiffany also says she still has nightmares about the ordeal.


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