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Skin secrets to make you look younger

Aging comes with wisdom but it also brings wrinkled skin which most people do not like having.

However, there are ways one can take care of their skin to ensure they look younger and fresher than their age. Here are some of the best ways to keep your skin glowing:

Makeup and skin type: Get makeup products that match your skin type. If you have a dry skin, its dryness is from lack of oil or water and buy makeup products that fit your skin. A dry skin needs oil-rich creams while oily skin needs fluid-like products.

Purchase authentic products: There are so many fake makeup brands imitating the original and proven products. Ensure what you buy has already been proven to work. Fake products will give you face rash, early wrinkles and your skin might peel off. Spend money on real products and get the result of a smoother skin.

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Avoid all skin types products: There are some makeup products that are written ‘all skin types’. Avoid them like plague because no single product can take care of the complicated needs of all skin types. The product will either work only for a person with oily skin only for no one at all due to the mix of ingredients it might have. Get what your skin actually needs and not a generalized fake product with an ‘all skin type’ label.

Keep off sensitive skin products: Your skin may be sensitive but it does not need a product with generalized description of ‘sensitive skin’. A brand will just use the term for sensitive skin to push more people into buying the product, after we all consider our skins to be sensitive. So I emphasize on getting the exact product that matches your skin and not one with a generalized description.

Black Flawless Skin. [Source: Ebony Magazine]

Prioritize as per your budget: Authentic products are expensive but this should not push you into buying cheap products. Budget for the amount of money you have to spend and the prioritize. If you need moisturizer more than a foundation then that is what you spend your money on. Do not buy something you can do without if you are running on a tight budget.


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