Sudan: Why only one person has access to internet

Sudan has restored internet connection in the country but only for a lawyer who won a lawsuit he had presented in court.

The lawyer sued telecoms operators Zain who had been ordered by Sudan military rulers to put an internet blackout.

The lawyer, Abdel-Adheem Hassan, told BBC the internet blackout order was only lifted for him as he had filed the case on a personal capacity.

Sudan internet blackout is in its third week and its citizens can only access it if they are successful in conducting hacks.

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The internet was cut by the government due to the chaos caused when security forces violently dispersed protestors who had camped in central Khartoum.

Mr Hassan said he would go back to court on Tuesday to present a case that asks the government to allow internet connection for everyone in the country.

Lawyer Abdel-Adheem Hassan. The only person with internet connection in Sudan. [Source: BBC]

“We hope that at least one million people will have access to internet by the time we are done with our case in court,” said Hassan to BBC.

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