5 types of relationships on campus

University students’ relationships differ from each other depending on the people involved, what their end-goal is and their intentions in the relationship. Here are the different types of relationships on campus:

  1. The long-distance relationship. This is a relationship where the guy is dating a girl from another campus. Ninety percent of their relationship is done on the phone. They either meet on weekends or when school is closed.
  2. Friends with benefits. This is a relationship where both the guy and the lady benefit sexually. They mostly meet to have sex.
  3. Husband/wife relationships. These are couples that have moved in together and even before finishing their studies, they have already planned their wedding theme and how many kids they will have after school.
  4. Sponsor relationship. This is where a campus girl is dating a man twice or thrice her age. Her aim in this relationship is to be spoilt with gifts, shoes, dresses and also get some money for upkeep. This type of relationship is very common on campuses.
  5. Shuga-mummy relationship. This is the opposite of sponsor relationships. Here, a campus guy is dating a woman thrice his age for money and gifts.
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