5 ways university students can avoid drugs and bad company

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Many university students have a lot of free time which when used well can help one be a better person rather end up indulging unhealthy behaviors.

Some students get involved in drugs and other shoddy habits because they think they have nothing to do.

  1. Join a school club. There are so many clubs in universities nowadays. Just that the ‘çool kids’ think these clubs are for the naive. School clubs keep one busy and one also learns alot. Whether music, debate, charity work etc.

2. Start a business. Sell ‘mtumba’, clothes, electronics etc. Yearn to be independent at a young age so as to understand the concept better. It won’t be an issue once you are out of school.

3. Participate in competitions and games. It can be modelling, debate, brainfreeze questions etc. This keeps one open-minded.

4. Choose your friends wisely. You cannot hang out with a smoker yet you are not one. Let your stand of not being involved in some habits be known. This brings respect.

5. Learn to enjoy your own company. Stay in your hostel, watch a comedy, read a book, write stories. Do what makes you happy.

You join campus alone and you leave alone, Try your best and do things that you will not regret later or things that can be a hindrance in your career later on in life.

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