Daystar University student dies 4 days before his graduation

A Daystar University student who was set to graduate this coming Saturday has passed on.

Derrick Macharia Githinji died on Monday after he was hit by a motorbike and then run over by another motorbike.

The accident happened only 200 metres from his home at Ruiru, near Naivas, along the Thika Super Highway, the Daystar chaplaincy department reported.

Daystar University student, Derrick Macharia died on Monday after been run over by a motorbike.
| Source: Daystar Chaplaincy Department |

“The mother had just sent him to the nearby shops to buy some stuff when a speeding motorbike hit him down then was ran over by a second one. He was rushed to the Ruiru Government hospital where he died during medical interventions,” an email sent to the Daystar community read.

According to the email, the deceased family had already pitched tents at their home in readiness for the graduation.

Macharia was pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and specialized in Electronic Media.

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