Household items that could be dirtier than your toilet

The truth is, toilets, especially public ones, are considered a haven of filth and bacteria.

However, there are basic household items and products you use that have been found to contain more bacteria than toilet seats.

Smartphones; The Independent reports your phone screen could be covered in 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. This is especially the case for those who carry the phones to the washroom. Ensure you wash your hands regularly after handling your phone.

Chopping board; Researchers from the University of Arizona found out that cutting boards have 200 times more fecal matter than a toilet seat. This is especially common in households where raw meat is cut on the chopping board. Ensure you thoroughly wash and disinfect your boards.

Cutting board with parsley
Photo: Food Safety Classes

Mops. While mopping seems like a cleaning exercise, the mop being used could be spreading more germs on your floor. Ensure you clean and dry out your mops properly because bacteria thrive in a wet environment.

Make up brushes. Ladies (and some gentlemen), you might want to investigate your make up brushes. If you constantly use them without cleaning, your brushes could be filthier than your toilet. This makes you prone to a skin infection.

Fridge. Refrigerators commonly test for e.coli and salmonella which could make you sick. In fact, some fridges are said to have fifty times more bacteria than toilets. Keeping foods in the fridge for so long and rarely cleaning it out is what makes it filthy. Use a mixture of water and dish soap to clean the fridge and use baking soda for stubborn stains.

The inside of a fridge
Photo: Mum’s Kitchen

Handbags. The average handbag is three times filthier than a toilet seat. If you use the bag regularly, it could be ten times dirtier. Bag handles carry the most germs. You are advised to keep the bag off the ground and wash them if possible. If not, use disinfectant wipes.

The contents of a lady’s handbag
Photo: It’s a Girl’s World
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